My First Own Real Blog

Hello Internet,

This is my first real own blog, so I will begin will begin with an introduction, as all good stories have one of those.

My name is Peter Handley, and I am 24 years old. I work for a company called Vertical Leap, and work as whats called a Campaign Delivery Manager. Vertical Leap are a Search Engine Optimisation company based in Portsmouth, but with customers all over the country and indeed the world. I oversee a number of different websites Internet marketing, which involves me working to get them ranked better in search engines for particular words, driving more traffic to their website, and ultimately increasing the exposure and money making potential of the businesses that use our service.

It can be a challenging job, but its also something where I learn some new trick, or find some new tool with an interesting or fun feature. I don’t think its what I envisaged doing a year ago while I was finishing my dissertation at Portsmouth University, but I wouldn’t change it either.

I studied Entertainment Technology at Portsmouth University, which was a great broad introduction to many different forms of media, where I particularly concentrated on Internet Technologies and Music. I like music, but am not a producer. I did however write my dissertation on whether or not Parental Advisory stickers on CD’s constituted censorship. I went in thinking heavily that they did, but came out with a confused opinion, as certainly some people need protecting who are vulnerable and susceptible, but restricting access only makes this more desirable to certain individuals. Anyway I digress…..

I mainly studied Internet Technologies, and having a firm foundation in HTML and CSS has certainly helped in my new job. I launched primarily as a platform for the websites that I designed whilst at university, although these have now been hidden from public view