Facebook Vanity URL, Best Man Speech, new phone plans and Annoying Google UK SERPs

Morning guys and gals – been way too long since I last wrote a blog post.

Since then I’ve been off on a stag do that I organised for my good friend Ben, been playing lots of resident evil 5 (god I hate those guys with Chainsaws) and have been working hard at the office to keep on top of everything.

This morning I managed to get my “vanity” facebook URL – I’m www.facebook.com/ismepete – a strange name “ismepete” I’ll grant you, but its been a name that I have been using for years, and its not something that anyone else seems to use – I’m ismepete on lots of sites, its my PSN id, my twitter name, used to be my MySpace name (before I got bored of it and joined the legion of people leaving the place), so at least I am consistent. Not quite sure if there is any real point in getting one, but hey ho, why not eh?

So, I’m up early this morning and I am working on my best man speech now that the stag is done and dusted. Or rather, I should be – I’m not as I am writing this blog instead. I thought I had made a really good start on this when I started thinking about it a few months ago, but having just typed up my notes I’m a bit disappointed. 3 paragraphs is all I have written, and I thought I was about 3/4 of the way there – big exageration!

I’ll get there though, and this weekend too – as it needs to be translated for the spanish folks that are attending! Wish me luck

I’ve also decided that I am going to try and get a 32GB iPhone next week – getting to work early and gonna head down to town for 9.30 when they start to go on sale. Hopefully there wont be as much demand for these, as I desperately need a new phone! I’m no iPhone fanboy – I just want a decent media phone, and there is still no release date for the n97, so enough is enough, I’m going to bite the bullet and get a new machine.

Finally, the bane of my life this week is something that I wrote a blog about over at work – Strange US search results mixed in with the normal UK Google searches.

Why Google are doing this, I do not know – for lots of search terms, this is destroying the credibility of the engine, as the results being shared with users just arent as relevant as they have been.

With Bing pushing strong to improve it’s market share (Bing is the new name for MSN’s rebranded search engine), I think that these poor results are really coming at the wrong time for Google – and I really think that they should do better than this, as Google have always said, another search engine is only ever 1 click away. All it takes is a few searches with poor results and people could switch over to another engine in an instant.

I dont really think that Google’s dominant market share is in danger at the moment, but I dont think that these are improvements to their engine – quite the opposite in fact, and something that Google should be fixing as a priority!

Over and out for now – I’ll try not to leave it so long until I blog next – maybe next week when I’ve had a chance to play with my new phone (fingers crossed I can get one).