I Don’t Want To Pay For News

I’ve just been reading an article over at the BBC where James Murdoch was complaining about the BBC giving the news away for free!

Why should we have to pay to receive news? What with the use of Twitter for far speedier communication of the latest events around the world, trying to make people that have a wealth of information at their fingertips pay for short news stories on websites, that are already rehashing whatever is said elsewhere! It’s absolutely non-sensical!

I read news on the BBC fairly regularly, but don’t read the Sun website. Reason? The Sun quality is poor- the only reason I have ever bought the paper is because of their sports coverage, but it’s pretty rubbish on their website.

News corp are gonna start charging you to read their news – so, I won’t read their news!

I wonder how long they will give it after making people pay before they go back to an ad supported model? Will they take off the ads if you are paying to view this content? I suspect not, but I guess we will have to wait and see what develops