Good Deeds on the Internet Day

Today, I have done 3 things on the Internet, that have either helped people, or put up a fight for a cause that was worthy of fighting for.

The first, was the disgusting behaviour of the Ian fella at Holborn on the Tube – this was terrible treatment of a paying customer – and ok – staff shouldn’t be abused, but neither should staff abuse clients (and if they are going to do it – don’t do it in public!).

I’ve worked in retail – and if I had spoken to a customer that way and be caught in the process, I would expect to be sacked. In fact, not even just in retail – I would expect to be sacked in my current job for speaking to a client like that – it’s just not on.

It’s very fortunate that Jonathan MacDonald had the thought of taping the exchange – and this created a storm on Twitter (and probably elsewhere too, but Twitter is where I followed it).

Next was the Stephen Gateley bashing by the Daily Mail – pretty similar – and the anti-gay vibe was sadly so predictable from the Hate Mail – I can’t understand the mentality behind the readers of this rag – but then maybe, I’m just too nice a person to understand the mentality.

I didn’t “get” Twitter for ages, but I am really enjoying the engagement that I have with the medium now – and it has allowed me to feel part of a real community (though whether or not I imagine that I don’t know).

Finally, I helped my friend pay his rent – and was one of many friends or fans of his work that contributed – well I couldn’t let the guy just be homeless.

Time now to get off the computer and enjoy some weekend! Thats all folks!