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  • BrightonSEO Preso – Goals, KPIs & Expectations

    February 17th, 2010ismepeteSEO

    I’m going to be doing a short presentation at the latest #BrightonSEO event, this coming Friday (17th Feb 10), and am planning on doing it about SEO Goal setting with clients, KPIs that I often (rightly or wrongly) find our SEO results measured by and talk through some of the ways to manage expectations of clients when engaging with an SEO company.

    It’s starting at 2pm in the Quadrant in Brighton, and I’m hoping to make some new friends, meet some more people that I speak to regularly on Twitter, and see some folks that I’ve met before and not seen for some time.

    So, hope to see some of my readers there! I’m writing this now, and tomorrow night, so if anyone has had any paticularly interesting goals or KPIs set for them, or has had particular challenges with managing people let me know in the comments, and I will see if I can work some of those in too.

    I very rarely speak in public (my last was a best man speech), so hope everyone bears with me!

    I’ll probably do a write up of the presentation on the Vertical Leap search marketing blog at some point next week if I can fit it in!

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  • Rhys

    Good luck with it! As somebody who does (vastly different) public speaking about once a month, my only advice is learn what you're saying, but not how you say it. The more words you learn, the more words you can forget :).

    Best of luck with it, look forward to seeing it online (if you put it online!)

  • Peter Handley

    Cheers Rhys, I've done a bit of speaking about SEO to non SEOs before,
    tho this is new.

    I was also best man at a wedding last year, which was much more

    My 'normal' prob is speaking too quick, will try and take it easy :D

    Follow me on Twitter @ismepete

  • freyak

    How did your speech go Pete?
    I wish I could of made it, was it a good mini conference?

    what did we miss?

  • Peter Handley

    Hi freyak – it mostly went well once I had conquered my nerves – it was great fun.

    I've just written a post about it actually Reflections on BrightonSEO, where I have summarised the days events