Pissed off with Blogger removing FTP

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am bloody pissed off about Blogger removing FTP support from their website – and as a result, I am have now made a WordPress version of the website (which is where this is being published from, so hopefully this is all working now).

I get the reasons why they are doing this – its obviously costing them more money to run it than the share of the users dictates should be spent on it, but its very frustrating. I’ve helped a few people setup blogs using FTP to get them moving along, and much as I enjoy using WordPress and have quite enjoyed setting it up today, it was much simpler to easily create a blog with a very, very simple interface for someone that isn’t that web savvy to use.

It was also very useful for setting up an area of a website such as /blog/, in a sub-folder of the website without having to do the WordPress installation (which I did find quite easy, but fortunately my existing host was able to support).

Now to be fair, I have been talking about moving to WordPress for some time now, but I have finally got my arse in gear to start doing it 🙂

Hopefully this might mean the start of more frequent posting too!

4 thoughts on “Pissed off with Blogger removing FTP

  1. I found your blog post on this on google.
    I agree completely with your comments.
    The shame is that I cannot seem to find much info on what the alternatives are.
    Perhaps you could comment here or on my blog and let me know how you actually did it with WordPress. Was it hard to set up?
    You might like to read my recent blog post on this. As you can see from that, to me what was and is really worrying was that there are lots of business issues here, including ownership of copyright, control, SEO issues etc. I tried to document all these issues in this blog post and have invited comments. None yet, worse luck.
    How does it work with old blogs you had posted on your site from Blogger. Did you just post a last message saying, “Hi Folks, the new blog posts will now be posted here….”

  2. I found wordpress very easy to setup, though from workin in SEO, I am
    somewhat technically minded. It's relatively easy to choose a theme on
    how this looks and to import posts from blogger.

    This way you have full control of your files – it's hosted in your
    environment not hosted on google servers.

    In fact, since moving I've not looked back. Whilst not as simple as
    blogger, wordpress is infinitely more flexible and customisable and i
    am now able to do much more with the site than I could before.

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