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  • Site Update just about done I think!?!

    February 7th, 2010ismepeteBlogging

    Ok, well I think I have got this WordPress lark installed properly now, picked a theme I like, installed what seem a load of relevant plugins and stuff, and everything seems to be just about ready to roll.

    However, I’m new to this system, so drop me a comment if you have anything to say, for or against anything on the website, to make sure that I can improve the site in the coming days/weeks/year.


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  • Mike O

    Not seen in a regular browser yet but mobile version on iPhone works really well :)

  • admin

    Cheer mike, saw the iPhone plugin on a few sites and liked it so thought I would use it too.

    Like the fact that I can moderate and reply to comments on iPhone too. Lots more I can do with this site than my previous version :)