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  • Twitter & Facebook is enough – No to Buzz

    February 14th, 2010ismepeteSocial Media

    I use Twitter  and Facebook fairly regularly and with the latest arrival on the scene, Google Buzz, there are potentially even more services vying for my attention.

    I do however, use Twitter and Facebook very differently. The first social networking site that I used a lot was MySpace user, back when I worked at HMV. It proved to be a very good way of finding new music, finding when bands are touring near you, or even if a trek was needed to go further afield to see someone that you really liked. The problem was that it wasn’t a particularly good way to connect with my friends – I “met” up with some folks that I knew on there, but after I left HMV, and my urge to find new music all the time was somewhat reduced, I found MySpace a place that I spent less and less time.

    I then moved on to Facebook – and this was an area to really connect with people that you used to know back in school, have met and got on with in short bursts, and wanted to find out more, and to keep in close touch with closer friends that due to busy lifestyles, I don’t see as much as we would like in person.

    I like the basic premise of facebook, to send messages, to individual or groups  friends, be invited to events, see pictures of their latest events and get notified of birthdays (I have to admit to being fairly rubbish at remembering the exact dates of most of my friends birthdays). I do get a little annoyed with all the little game notifications from Farmville or some coffee shop game, but I have come to get rather blind to these most of the time.

    Almost a year ago, I decided to join Twitter, primarily because I thought I should be on it for work (seeing as I work in Search Engine Optimisation). For the first 6 months or so I didn’t really get it, I flitted in and out, I pushed some content that I had written for the Vertical Leap Search Marketing blog, but I didn’t really engage much with what was going on with the others on there.

    In the summer, I started to talk to other industry folks a bit more, engaging in conversations about what the latest news was, discussing items and issues that were the topic of the day, as well as sharing a bit of my personality and learning some more about these new people.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between Twitter and Facebook, and for me it is fairly simple. I use Facebook to get in and stay in touch with those people that I really know (or have in the past known) quite well – I’m interested in seeing picture of their weddings, new children (I still find it odd that some school friends have multiple kids these days) and birthday/Christmas celebrations.

    Twitter, I use to find more people that I would like to get to know – and I also feel much more of a member of a community as a result of frequent participation, with those that I follow, and those that follow me. Some people I am looking to learn things from, some people I hope I can teach a bit to, and the rest I hope we can have a bit of fun in between.

    Some people on Twitter, I’ve now spoken to enough that I consider them friends, even though for the most part I haven’t met many of them. People like supaswag, jaamit, Yoshimi_S, Fearless_Shultz & rhyswynne are all people that are entertaining, engaging and provide useful advice and assistance when needed.

    In the next year, I want to get to know more people on Twitter, as well as meet more people that I have already spoken to on here, starting with the next BrightonSEO event next Friday – as all the ones I have met so far have seemed really good folks to know.

    Should you want to, you can follow me at ismepete on Twitter – and I really know you quite well, find me at Facebook at – although I would prefer that only people that I do know add me on Facebook.

    Finally, on to Buzz.

    1) I don’t use GMail, so my exposure to this is what I have read online and seen in my Twitter stream.

    2) It has serious privacy concerns at the moment, with all sorts of stories arising about potential abuses of this service.

    3) I use 2 social networking sites already regularly, and I don’t think that at the moment I have room for a third. Especially one so intrinsically linked with what I do with my email, which I like have closed off to most people.

    4) Is this really going to be any more widely used in the long term than Google Wave? I actually quite like Google Wave, but have so few contacts on there to communicate with, that it’s just an empty place. If the masses were to take up Wave (and maybe that it was Google are ultimately trying to do with Buzz) then it might become more interesting, but that isn’t the case (for me) yet.

    I’m sure that in the next year or two, another social media website will come along to either replace or take their place with Facebook and Twitter in my social networking life. However, if it’s out there already, I don’t know about it yet, and if it is going to be Google Buzz, then there are going to have to be some changes first!

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