How do you get people to like you on Twitter?

I’m afraid that this blog isn’t really going to answer this question, but I was intrigued whilst at BrightonSEO yesterday when I was asked “how do you get people to like you on Twitter?”

I don’t consider myself to be a social media expert, although I do like being social – I like to talk to people, find out interesting or fun titbits of information about peoples lives, share useful knowledge between people for the betterment of all of them

I also don’t think that I am exactly one of the most famous tweeters in the world, or all that widely known/liked just yet – whilst it is a terrible measure, I have only just gone past 700 twitter followers, and growth in that respect has been dwindling a little bit of late.

What I do think I have that perhaps the person asking does not, is quite an engaged follower/following relationship. I tweet quite a lot, about all sorts of topics ranging from SEO, music, film, I crack jokes and stories with people and probably, most of all, I tweet about Food and Rum 🙂

These are all things that make me, me! I love cooking, so I talk about it – quite a lot of people in my Twitterverse also seem to like food, and I think its somewhat expected of me now (I know my co-workers ask about it if I don’t tweet about food for a while).

I like a lot of types of music too. I listen to some blues and jazz music from time to time, and some of my twitter friends do too – The same goes with some of the rock music I listen to, or the hip hop that I put on from time to time. Over the last year, Twitter has become the main method of me finding new music to listen to – through word of mouth recommendations from people that I have spoken to enough to realise common interests.

I think that to get the most out of social relationships built up in these spheres you have to take the time to tweet – if you don’t have those conversations with people that draw you closer together, you limit the possibilities of how much influence them and how they can help you increase visibility of anything that you are trying to get visibility for.

I follow a lot of people in and around the SEO industry, but at the end of the day, many of the relationships I have formed with people have begun in completely unrelated conversations – you can then always talk about more work related issues at another time. Start the conversation somewhere that you have some middle ground to meet at, and build from there.

Sometimes it’s not going to work out perfectly – I know that some of my flippant tongue in cheek comments have been misinterpreted at times, and no doubt I will have ruffled some feathers along the way, but that was never my intention. I have cringed a couple of times reading back tweets, but thats just a part of the journey.

Ultimately, I doubt that there are many cut and dried rules about getting people to like you on Twitter, especially if you have to “try” to be liked – but my main 2 rules for my activities on social media platforms are:

1) Treat people the way you would like to be treated


2) Be yourself!

I’ll finish this post with a tweet I received from Nichola Stott after finally meeting her at BrightonSEO yesterday:

Stay You Pete

I fully intend to 😀

4 thoughts on “How do you get people to like you on Twitter?

  1. Been meaning to comment on this post.

    I completely agree with you Pete! It's amazing how many people say “wow! You've have over 1,000 followers! How did you do that?” to me. Honestly there's 2 ways.

    1. Have a wide variety of interests (I'd wager at least 200 of them are people NOT associated with marketing/seo/whatever)

    2. Be on Twitter since 2007.

    Would I consider myself a social media expert? Of course not. Would I be considered one? Maybe….

  2. Cheers Rhys 🙂

    I was quite a late starter for twitter, didn't join til last year, though have tried to engage as much possible particularly over the last 12 months when I really started to converse with people.

    I'm pretty sure if I wanted too, I could have more than a 1000 followers on twitter, but would likely have a less engaging following.

    Case in point today – I mention its my birthday and get almost 70 messages of goodwill from people that I have invested time into building a relationship with. If I had built 10k of spammy followers would I have had the same level of warmth from people?

    I suspect not!

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