Looking forward to #BrightonSEO

Well, its been 5 months since the last one – and we are now just a few days away from the next #BrightonSEO even. Mercifully I am not speaking this time, and the beginning part with the presentations not being in a pub this time, I may well manage to stay a little bit longer this time.

The full line up of the July BrightonSEO speakers is available now over at SiteVisibility, and there is a cracking line up of people to be listenig to and engaging with.

There are a few folks that I am particularly looking forward to here – I’m very much looking forward to hearing Nichola Stott talking about “Challenging the Conventional Wisdom of Anchor Text” as well as getting to meet the lady too, after almost a year of talking regularly on Twitter.

I’m certainly interested in Zachary Colbert’s talk on “Lev Manovich’s theory of Linking & Association”, although I don’t really have a clue what it is about. I got a fleeting chance to talk to Zac at the last event and hope to be able to chat some more again.

Another interesting topic that I am looking to hear about is “When is an SEO Campaign not an SEO Campaign” from Anabel Hodges.

There are plenty more of cracking looking presentations no doubt to be seen over the course of the day, with a very interesting, authorative panel of presenters lined up for us – and as well as that I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to getting to the traditinal home of #BrightonSEO (well so far anyway) the Quadrant, where even more serious chatting will no doubt be had over a bevvie or two.

I’m hoping to take some notes and get them into a post a bit like my previous reflections on brightonseo post after the last one.

And once again, thanks again to Kelvin Newman of SiteVisibility for putting all the effort in to organising this again 🙂