Yodel Delivery Problems – Do I Really Want To Carry On Purchasing Online?

CONCLUSION (17/4/2012)
Well, it seems that I won’t be getting my parcel… Yodel have now sent it back to the retailer, who in turn told me that they will issue a refund when they have received it. I have asked for an immediate refund, as its only been sent back to them as Yodel appear incapable of actually organising delivery of this item, but this is being ignored. Net result – I will actively avoid purchasing from websites that will deliver with Yodel only… An entirely unsatisfactory result for all parties, that has left a rather bad taste in the mouth really…

So sad, as I really should be an evangelist for online purchasing.

It seems to me, particularly in light of recent media reports claiming Yodel want more money from their retailers, that they built a business model around pitching themselves to retailers at a price that was never going to make them money, undercutting competition to win contracts and are now whining that they are not profitable. I would suggest that this was always going to be a recipe for disaster – and one that was never going to have customer service as a central tenet. Ah well, I’ll have to head in to town when I get a refund and look for some shoes there!

If you’ve followed my Twitter stream over the last 10 days or so, you will no doubt have seen me moaning about Yodel Delivery Problems, and I am getting massively frustrated with the horrifically bad service (it can barely be called service really) that I have been receiving from them.

I’m currently questioning if I actually want to purchase items online at the moment, as they have become the “cheap” courier of choice for the cheaper ends of the Internet.

All I want is my parcel and Yodel have made me question whether or not I want to continue purchasing items online.

I’m an online marketer, and have traditionally been an evangelist for all things ecommerce based. I find this a sad indictment of this company (who I know deliver for Amazon, a company that I have historically purchased from frequently and am questioning doing so again in the future). Does anyone know of a list of websites that use Yodel? As that is likely a list of websites that I will not be purchasing from again in the future!

A lot of the rest of this blog is going to be quite ranty – you were warned!

So, last Saturday (24th March) I purchased 3 pairs of shoes as well as some shorts ahead of my holiday next month from a sports retailer. Not a shop that I like to visit really, but they were cheap, they looked as if they’d look pretty good. I have a tendency to break shoes quite a lot, so I wanted to cover myself by purchasing a few different pairs.

The retailer dispatched this pretty much immediately, and it was “out for delivery” on the Monday morning on the 26th. Great I thought as I would be in all day to take delivery.

Waited around all day and nothing… No card, no attempt to deliver, no notification of it not being able to be delivered that day.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited around on Tuesday too, though was somewhat perturbed that the tracking didn’t budge from “Parcel returned to delivery depot – 26/03/12”. Frustratingly as of the morning of the 04/04/12 this hasn’t budged.

By Wednesday I was starting to get a bit more irritated so I dropped Yodel an email before 7.30am, trying to find out what is going on (its seriously not easy to find a number on their website where you can actually speak to anyone). I asked, quite reasonably I thought:

“I’ve noted… that these items were out for delivery on the 26th March – which I was present at my property all day for. Was a delivery attempt made?

If so, why was there no card left behind? Also, why was this not taken out for delivery yesterday. Can you confirm to me when this is due to be delivered?

I will be at my property all day today



I got an auto-responder in return – and nothing back at all. I got busy and forgot about things until Friday, where I tried to call only to have to negotiate an auto-dialler. Seeing as dispatch hadn’t occurred that morning I looked to arrange delivery for Monday morning.

I followed this up with an email where I was getting more frustrated at this lack of communication with Yodel:

“I must start out by saying how frustrated I have been awaiting a delivery from Yodel this week…

…did not leave the house on Monday – if a delivery attempt was made, it was not to this address, and no card or notification has been left. I would imagine your order tracking system would have some form of notification that a delivery attempt had been made within this, so had initially assumed that another delivery attempt would be made on the Tuesday.

I checked again on Wednesday, and there had been no change to this status by the time my item left dispatch previously on the Monday. As a result, I used your web form to ask for further information and to ask if it would be delivered that day, or today being Friday.

As I had heard nothing back from anyone at all, I phoned this morning and have arranged for delivery on Monday.

Can you confirm that my delivery for the ***************** item will be delivered on Monday as I have just arranged via telephone?

If you cannot confirm this, can I have details on your complaints procedure please?



Of course, I got nothing back at all…

So, come Monday morning, I was starting to lose my patience when I saw that the “redelivery” that I’d instructed them to perform was not happening. I started writing another email to them, when lo and behold I got a response, to the very first email I’d sent on the Wednesday 5 days before:

“Dear Peter,

Thank you for contacting Yodel.

Our system shows that your parcel is located at our Southampton Service Centre.

Your enquiry has now been forwarded to the Service Centre where arrangements will be made to deliver your parcel as soon as possible.

Unfortunately at the minute wer are unable to advise you of a delivery date due to the Service Centre Experiencing operational issues.

Please accept our apologises.”

This infuriated me and I replied very quickly to this one – I started to get quite a lot snarkier, I won’t deny it, and I don’t envy the people that work in Yodel Customer Services.

I ranted about response times being unacceptable and then pretty much wrote what I’ve written so far as this blog. This time I got a really speedy response “I do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. We are currently investigating why you have not received your shipment.”

I waited a few hours for them to not get back to me and then followed up with another email:

“Clearly, there is no desire to be assisting me here, or communicating what might be happening with my package?

6 hours further on, no change to order tracking.

No notification that my item was not going to be delivered today as I’d arranged on Friday.

No real communication as to what is happening, or when this is going to be resolved.

When can I expect to receive these goods? Can someone call me to discuss these issues?

I am bitterly disappointed in the service levels I am receiving from Yodel”

In fairness, again, this time they responded pretty quickly:

“Dear Sir,

I can only apologise

Southampton do have operational issues at present and we are trying to gain a resoloution for you

We cannot pass on any more details than this at present as Southampton are doing all they can to try and receover these issues

Sincere Apologies”

I then reasonably asked “Has Southampton had “operational issues” for that entire time? I’m going to investigate with my social network connections if any others have had issues at that time, and I expect to be notified at the earliest opportunity as to when these issues will be resolved, and delivery can be arranged.”

I did ask my social network, and frankly no one had a good word to say about Yodel, though I didn’t really find anyone else that was having specific delivery issues like me in this area.

I left them alone for most of yesterday, and still heard nothing else, so come the evening emailed again asking a few pertinent questions:

“Any news on when I might finally receive my item?

Or when I can expect to find out when I might possibly receive this item?

Are there still “operational difficulties” in Southampton?

I will be in my property all day tomorrow, though cannot guarantee the same on Thursday.

Do I need to do anything to facilitate receiving this delivery?

If you cannot fulfil this delivery, at what stage can I get a refund?

Can someone call me to explain quite what the hell is going on here?”

I also asked how to complain – so if anyone wants Yodels complaints email address, here you go as the response I got was:

“Thank you for contacting Yodel.

We are currently investigating why you have not yet received your shipment.

The email address for our complaints department is customercare@vx.yodel.co.uk if you would like to log a complaint.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

So… what do Yodel do when they are investigating this? I suspect not a lot, in the hope that you will just leave them alone.

Does anyone have anything good to say about Yodel? I’d experienced their delivery service in the past, and it was adequate but I never felt compelled to rant about it like I have done here (and like I did once with Royal Mail for an incident that seems like nothing in light of this).

All I want is my parcel…

So, here is my review of Yodel’s delivery service:

Yodel Delivery Service
A review of the service received by Yodel
Well, so far, its been a terrible experience, the goods have not been delivered, communication has been terrible, and no timeframe has been given on when I can actually expect to see this arrive. Would advise steering away from them if you have any choice in the matter
Written by: Peter Handley
Yodel’s Delivery Service
Date published: 04/04/2012
1 / 5 stars

As I said before, I’d love to hear about your experiences with Yodel – good or bad!

Rant over for now – if you made it this far – well done!

UPDATE 1 (11/04/2012):
I’ve still not received my items, and Yodel continue to give me either stock answers that tell me nothing, or the silent treatment. I did however finally get a response from my retailer:

“We are currently investigating this with Yodel for you.

It seems that the Southampton service centre has been closed down and all parcels have been transferred to a new service centre in Southampton.

This transfer has caused the extensive delays with delivering the parcel to you.

Yodel have advised us that this parcel is being dealt with as quick as possible for you.

Once we have an update on this matter we’ll be back in touch with you.”

So, clearly, there was no chance of me actually receiving this over the last few weeks; as suspected the service centre has been closed. Why its taken 15 days for either the courier or the retailer to inform me of this however is another matter altogether. Frustratingly, I still have no idea when I will actually get these goods. I’ve asked at what stage I’ll be given a refund, although I really would rather receive the goods!

UPDATE 2 (11/04/2012):
Seconds after publishing this update, I got another response from Yodel:

“We are unable to provide you with any further update on your parcel at the present time.
Please contact your supplier who in turn will contact ourselves and initiate an investigation on your behalf.

I apologise that we are unable to update you directly.

Many apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

So, back to square one, with item very late… I am so tired of this!

UPDATE 3 (11/04/2012):

Another person replied to another email I’d sent to Yodel… mostly the same message as update 2, but with “I would advise your senders to put this on a trace/investigation as we have not had an upto date scan on this parcel as yet.”

This suggests to me that they’ve lost this parcel now…….

Well, it seems that I won’t be getting my parcel… Yodel have now sent it back to the retailer, who in turn told me that they will issue a refund when they have received it. I have asked for an immediate refund, as its only been sent back to them as Yodel appear incapable of actually organising delivery of this item, but this is being ignored. Net result – I will avoid buying anything from the retailer ever again, and will actively avoid purchasing from websites that will deliver with Yodel only… An entirely unsatisfactory result for all parties, that has left a rather bad taste in the mouth really…

So sad, as I really should be an evangelist for online purchasing.

It seems to me, particularly in light of recent media reports claiming Yodel want more money from their retailers, that they built a business model around pitching themselves to retailers at a price that was never going to make them money, undercutting competition to win contracts and are now whining that they are not profitable. I would suggest that this was always going to be a recipe for disaster – and one that was never going to have customer service as a central tenet. Ah well, I’ll have to head in to town when I get a refund and look for some shoes there!

104 thoughts on “Yodel Delivery Problems – Do I Really Want To Carry On Purchasing Online?

  1. I completely agree that Yodel is a shambles of a delivery service. I’ve been affected by an eerily similar situation too. I sent off an item for repair with Royal Mail and it arrived at the repair depot within three days; the standard time you’d expect for a normal delivery. 
    I was happy to hear that after three days my repair was complete. I was then informed that my item had been despatched and would be with me shortly. Now everyone’s definition of “shortly” will vary, but I’m a pretty patient guy, so I gave it about a week (generous I know). Sadly, three weeks later, my product had yet to arrive. 

    Understandably I was slightly aggrieved, so I rang up the company who had efficiently dealt with my repair. Amazingly they informed me that my product had apparently ended up back at the depot in Coventry although they couldn’t understand why when I had told them that no card had been left, no attempt had been made and no phone call was made either. Which begs the question, is it Yodel’s slack-jawed delivery men who simply dismiss their delivery obligations, or is it a problem which runs deeper into this clearly, poorly run company. A monkey would have the common courtesy to inform someone that their parcel was actually back AT THEIR DEPOT. But no, it’s not their problem right? 

    Needless to say, another delivery has been scheduled so I’m awaiting another phantom delivery from these amateurs. In my experience Royal Mail, Parcel Force and TNT are the only delivery firms who seem competent. DPD, City Link (Or Sh*tty Link as I have aptly named them) and now Yodel are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. My next rant will be for the unfortunate customer servicer operator who picks up my phone call should the product fail to arrive. Please record my call, because I’m sure you’ll be needing it for training purposes to deal with all your complaints. 

  2. Sorry you’ve had such a sh*t experience.

    I had a similar problem with DPD a while back. Package was returned to depot with no attempt to deliver. I emailed the retailer directly instead of DPD and it seemed to work better.

    I told them about my dissatisfaction with DPD and as a consequence I wouldn’t buy from them again as I didn’t trust their courier service and would advise others to do so.

    They replied in good time apologising and offered to send via alternative courier, saying that If I didn’t claim my package from DPD it would return to sender so they were covered.

    They were thankful I’d told them of our my issues directly instead of the courier and said they’d be looking at procurement in the near future. I guess unless people do that the retailers won’t know of the problems people are having.

    Maybe its worth a punt.

  3. They are terrible Pete; I can say this from a retailer point of view as well. I work in e-commerce for a clothing company and we send thousands of packages a month; we trailed Yodel last year for the same reason Amazon etc use them – they really are dirt, dirt cheap.

    Unfortunately the service is not good, and not only for the end user. Our own customer service teams had an absolute nightmare trying to get through to sort out issues – they refuse to give out direct depot numbers and our guys were often on hold for ages on their main call centre line trying to resolve customer complaints. Also, from a technical point of view which is something I oversee, their software and systems are crap.

    In the end despite the price savings we didn’t go forward with them due to the above and an increase in customer complaints, so we stuck with Interlink Express (DPD) who are much better. I know no courier is perfect but we have very few issues with them to be honest considering the volume we send. And if there are any issues, our team can sort them out without any issues. Also, they send all customers a 1 hour time slot on the day of delivery and generally stick to it which goes down very well.

    I guess like anything in life, you get what you pay for; we’d be saving thousands and thousands a year if we had switched to Yodel, but it’s just not worth pissing off that many customers! I wish more other businesses would take the same approach to be honest (I too have had Yodel and City link issues myself for my own purchases).

    A site where you can type in an online retailer and see which courier they use sounds like a good idea as well, I might have to have a think about that one 🙂

    Hope you get your parcel in the end anyway! 🙂

  4. I wish this comment surprised me, but it really does not sadly… It seems to me at the moment that neither the retailer or the courier care that much about this, hence me wanting to vent my frustrations here.

    Re a site for who delivers for who, I guess it would need to be balanced, as plenty of them use multiple couriers.

    No further updates just yet – I’m going to continue hounding them until I get my goods (retailer and courier now!) 

  5. I sadly haven’t had any response at all from the retailer so far, though I have reserved most of my ire for Yodel thus far.

    I can’t believe that these retailers are unaware of Yodels problems. I just wish it would get to a point where I can actually be given an ETA of when I can receive these goods.

    I can understand that a distributor may have issues with a depot at a specific time. However, retailer and courier have my phone number and email address.

    If they had communicated effectively there was an issue, what they were trying to do to resolve it and when I might receive my goods, I’d no doubt be slightly annoyed but not tearing my hair out crazy about it as I am at present

  6. I wish I could find a phone number or they would call me as I requested to discuss this further… I am getting so pissed off with just getting fobbed off with stock responses, hollow apologies and still no fricking ETA on when these items will turn up!

  7. Sounds like a nightmare Pete!

    I don’t think ‘not buying online’ to a lesser or greater extent will really be feasible as more and more business moves that way however things which make the service experience more pleasant will become increasingly more important and a great way of differentiating between retailers.  Better deliveries, simpler and quicker communications, easier returns etc must start to matter over just the price of the product (although that’s a biggie too).

    Hope you get sorted

  8. true – the problem for me, particularly at the cheaper end of the market, is that is can be quite difficult to see who is going to be delivering these products.

    If this delivery had been messed up by Royal Mail, I could go to the local depot and collect them. However Yodel don’t publicise the location of their “local” centre and even more frustratingly, even if they did its in another nearby city.

    The more things move online, the better distribution networks are going to have to be to cope with these, and I don’t think the mechanisms are there at the moment!

  9. LOL, that made me laugh… if only I had a choice, I wouldn’t *have* to expect anything… but it seems that most retailers that distribute with Yodel are wise enough not to mention that before you purchase anything! 

  10. Down this way, couriers don’t seem to be setup to allow people popping in to pick up (have experience of that with DPD and DHL).  Going down to the sorting office for Royal Mail parcels is an option though and I’ve done that a few times – much more convenient than waiting around sometimes.

    I think Royal Mail (Post Office, Consignia et al) really missed an opportunity a few years ago.  Rather than gently decaying, losing services and clinging on to the past model which had stopped really working for them in the 80’s, they should have developed two things: an online payment processing business and a straightforward Internet driven small package delivery service.  There was an opportunity there to have snuck in between PayPal and traditional couriers and the trusted brand name would have done them great favours.
    Still, it does mean that order fulfilment is an important area of competition between online retailers.  I definitely stick with companies who get that right and shop around if not.  Let’s hope there’s more transparency in which courier people are using and their performance.  Maybe merchant reviews/review sites are the best forum for that?

  11. I’m having the same problems.  All I get from Yodel is that they are experiencing Operational problems and they will deliver my parcel as soon as possible.  When asked what the ‘Operational Difficulties’ are, they can’t tell me.  My parcel has been stuck at their Southampton depot since Wednesday 28th March and they can’t reassure me today that I will receive it any time soon.  I do wonder whether all their staff are on strike or whether all their vans have been repossessed, what other explanation could there be for non-delivery?  What a mess!.  This is the telephone number I’ve been using for Yodel 0845 602 8086 (given to me by the ‘up market’ retailer where I purchased my goods), but its not direct to the Southampton Depot. 

  12. Thanks for that Dianne. I might have a look at say no to 0870 as well to find a number that won’t cost me 10p+ a minute too…

    I just wish they would communicate more effectively if they truly cannot deliver at the moment… I’d take that over just fudging a rather rubbish response.

    I’ve actually found the retailer rather unhelpful today too, basically saying, sort it out with the Courier… grrrrr………

  13. I have only had problems with Yodel – have paid for next day delivery and not got it etc. However my favourite is coming home to a card telling us they have left a parcel in our back garden. We live in an upstairs flat with no garden. Turned out they had wandered to the back of the building and thrown the package over a 2 metre high fence. They must have thrown it as there isn’t space to put something underneath and the neighbour the garden belonged to was on holiday and had left it securely locked! Amazon had to send a replacement. 

    They have also left parcels in our recycling box outside the front door. On one occasion they left a 1 meter high parcel under our upturned box, which is only 40cm deep (looked ridiculous, so wish I’d taken a photo) and also just in the recycling box, clearly visible to anyone who comes to the front door.

    The only positive thing I would say is that Amazon have been helpful about it – on the last occasion they contacted Yodel for me to sort it out and arranged for the parcel to be returned to them and refunded my money so I could buy from another website. (Worth noting that it took nearly 2 weeks for Yodel to get round to moving the parcel from their delivery office back to Amazon as well.)

    I am increasingly reluctant to use Amazon because of the risk that something will be delivered through Yodel. They always reply to complaints with a standard response that they can’t let customers choose the carrier, and that they constantly review contracts with carriers based on feedback from customers, but I don’t suppose anything will change unless it affects their profits as Yodel’s selling point must be its low cost.

  14. I’m not that keen on the idea of giving out my email address to a forum I know nothing about. 

    To be honest with you, I don’t know anything about the drivers, and have sympathy for the customer service staff. I guess that extends to the drivers too, who are no doubt overworked to keep the service on cost.

    Frankly though, this is a HDNL/yodel Corporate Organisational problem – I am most frustrated at the lack of communication over these issues than the things not being
    delivered – and the complete lack of anything useful in terms of a timeframe for when I can expect to receive these goods, that I have paid for.

    If they’d told me that there were problems and delays, I likely wouldn’t have been
    happy but wouldnt have written this post.

    I would quite like my parcel though 😉

  15. Hi – we are one of the companies that use yodel to ship our orders and have used them since before they morphed from dhl into yodel for about 4 years now.  During this time they have been very reliable and with the very odd exception deliveries have been made next day even though we pay for 2 day service.  But like all good things the bubble had to burst and sadly we found out 2-3 months ago that our local depot in eastleigh was closing and moving to fareham.  we had a feeling things were going to go bad after talking with some of the local branch staff – they were probably miffed about the extra 20 mile traveling they’d have to do.  anyway come the end of march and the depot shut down, since then we have had 2 lost shipments (eventually found and delivered 5 days later) and 1 failed collection.  we have now been told that the fareham depot has been closed until tuesday 10th due to severe operational issues, so if you’ve ordered anything thats edible don’t plan on eating it when it finally arrives.  we’re now having to look for a new carrier and may even have to resort to the royal mail – heaven help us!

  16. Thanks for the comment Dave – I’ve removed some of the details you gave, as I wasnt sure you wanted to really be giving away your home and email address so openly.

  17. LOST IN SOUTHAMPTON. Today’s date is 5 April 2012. I ordered some items from Ebay on 17 March 2012 which were sent using YODEL on 19 March 2012. They arrived at the Southampton depot over a week ago and still no delivery for ‘operational reasons’. A request to collect (I live in Southampton) has been declined by YODEL. Absolutely hopeless carrier.

  18. Hi. I’ve complained 2 my colleagues re awful Yodel! Work on bay receive/process orders 4 shop, & everyday boxes r AWOL! 3 not 4, 10/12 etc or boxes 4 IOW, not Soton! Had em deliver by private car, not co van! Some Orders arrive from 3 diff drops/drivers! Some of AWOL boxes have never turned up! Awful awful awful!

  19. As a member of a  Customer Services team for a small Educational Supplies Mail Order Company who uses Yodel, I completely sympathise with all people who use Yodel (whether they are the retailer or the customers). I have NO END of trouble contacting Yodel.

    We do have some Depot Numbers but they never answer (I left it ringing and holding for 3/4 hr not long ago just to see how long it took someone to answer! I think it would have gone on longer if I hadn’t had to go home.). We have ways of contacting depots via E-mail, all you get is the automated “Thank you for contacting Yodel” e-mail and no more. You call the customer services number, they have no idea what is going on, you try to complain and you have to e-mail them, to which they do not respond. Drivers do not call customers to advise delivery times (as they don’t have company mobiles so won’t spend their own money), they say they attempt deliveries and don’t, they say they leave cards and they don’t, they leave parcels in unsecure porches, they throw parcels over fences and walls, they mis-deliver parcels then take nearly 2 months to collect it (that was a nightmare!). When you file a claim for a lost parcel, the process last time took me 6 months and then refused to pay because of delay in logging the original claim (which was Yodels fault but I had lost the will to keep fighting at that point!) In the last 6 months our areas sales manager has changed 7 times!!

    Unfortunately, the only way the retailers know of problems with their couriers is when customers complain. In this current economic climate, price is everything. For our small company, changing to a more expensive courier, would mean the price of our goods would have to be increased (we work on such tight margins) which means we may price ourselves out of business. However, if our courier is so bad and customer don’t come back, we loose business that way! It is a very fine line and luckily the decision about couriers isn’t mine!

    The thing is, they were much better when they were DHL so I think this is just that Yodel (as a company) are crap! We tried UPS a while ago, and they were much better but about 3x as expensive so unfortunately we couldn’t go with them. We will soon be trying out DPD and FedEx but again, I think their prices will be too high. I think we will be stuck with Yodel for a while.

  20. Nothing has ever arrived on time with Yodel and, in fact, before I place any order, I ask the company if they use Yodel, if they do, I politely decline to take the sale any further and go elsewhere – sometimes into an actual shop!

  21. i ordered a pair of jeans from my catalogue on Sunday which was to be delivered by today 12/04/2012 by the latest date, it says on the tracking that my item was recieved at yodel southampton 10/04/2012 but I have not recieved my parcel today, usually I recieve parcels on the next working day from my catalogue ~ Littlewoods.

    after reading your blog I do not hold out much hope on receiving my parcel tomorrow either 🙁

  22. I placed an order for cricket shoes from Amazon on March 28, the seller was Sports Direct. Delivery was promised on 4 April, the parcel tracking says delivery was ‘attempted’ on April 5. Well if it was, surely a card would have left for me to rearrange delivery? It’s now April 13 and after two emails to the seller and Yodel I still haven’t received my order. Utter garbage, how difficult can it be to bring a parcel from Fareham to Southsea?

  23.  It’s not entirely clear that they have completely changed the name – the exact use of “HDNL” and “Yodel” leaves me confused, but the HDNL side of things is definitely still visible. And frankly that compounds their mess – if you’re going to call your company “Home Delivery” then it should have a decent strategy for delivering to homes – to name just two they need to be better at delivering to flats, and they should open their depots at weekends, when people are most able to collect missed parcels. (I’m particularly annoyed as my most recent purchase that came via them had shipping options that implied Royal Mail, so I selected those on that basis because RM always either get the goods into my hands or leave a card to be taken to a depot literally just round the corner. HDNL/Yodel frequently don’t bother attempting entry to the building, and their depot is not within walking distance.)

  24. We have had exactly the same problem. The service is appalling and I would never use them again. They don’t call when they say they will – this is if you actually get through and they don’t hang up up on you. 

  25. i am going throught this same process right now , and im discusted , are there any numbers i could call sick of this email crap

  26. I never managed to speak to anyone in the end. I’d suggest you speak to the company you purchased the goods from – I suspect they will have some ability to contact them (maybe, hopefully)

  27. Well looks like they have not changed their ways it’s happening to me, my parcel is out with driver since yesterday. Yodel given me drivers number to contact him. Wow

  28. I am right now having a horrendous Yodel experience. I bought an item from The Guardian newspaper’s offers department. I have told Yodel that I will be contacting the Guardian’s consumer department and giving them some bad publicity. I also asked them for a refund for the 10p per minute phone calls, where they keep you waiting for ages. Maybe that’s how they make their money?

  29. From what I’ve read, and I have no idea of how true it is, they aren’t exactly making huge profits
    Since this debacle, I’ve fortunately not ordered anything that they would deliver and will continue to avoid having to encounter them again if I can help it!

  30. Yes Yodel are the pits.

    Yodels website tracking info

    Delivery on or before Friday 15th June 2012
    Parcel loaded on van at 8.39
    Parcel in Depot 16.52

    No attempt had been made to deliver the package, the driver simply took it back to the depot.
    Saturday 16th June I turn up at the customer service desk (seriuosly they call it customer service) only to be told the driver attempted to deliver it but there was no one to receive the parcel.
    NO this is a business address and I was there personally from 07.30
    Well the drivers logs states NO ACCESS
    Realy, well would you like to come and view our CCTV system which records 24//7
    Here is our head office number if you want to raise a complaint 0151-477-2705
    I tried calling but no one available please leave a message
    The YODEL/HDN depot is withing walkin distance of my office.

  31. hi just read all your article i am going through it with them just now said my parcel was despatched on 11/6/12 tryed tracking it that was a waste of time sayed not regognised i have just spoken to someone and thay said i will get my parcel tomorrow the only thing up with that is i had spent £107 on the goods from sports direct for my grandsons birthday which by the way was on saturday so we had a very sad boy and it cost us more as we had to buy him other things so i to will be giving online shoping a miss from now on.ps just have to wait and see how much telephone call cost as thay kept me hanging on for nearly 20mins before someone spoke to me.

  32. Searching yodel complaints, your blog popped up…

    I’ve been having major problems with them in the last few weeks too. Ordered a canvas from Photobox as they were doing a special offer. Yodel tries to deliver, I’m not in, they leave a card outside of my flats upon which it says the parcel has been left in a “safe place”, I go all round the outside of the building looking for it, even checking the wheelie bins in the bin cupboard out the back…no joy. Start to panic thinking it’s been stolen, phone yodel (£3 on mobile) to be told it’s been sent back to the supplier….after one delivery attempt!

    Contacted Photobox who said they would send it straight back out…they didn’t. Re-contacted them and they finally sent it back out, only to come home today (only got the email from photobox late last night!) to find another yodel card outside with “please call me to redeliver your parcel” ticked on the front and where the number should be on the back….”Gone back”, so I assume they have yet again sent it back to photobox after only one delivery attempt.

    I’m livid, photobox can either use RM to send it out again or just refund me and I will be avoiding anyone that uses Yodel now. What annoys me even more is they have always been fine in the past, I’m guessing my area driver has left as he used to be great.

  33. yodel is useless told them to send the parcel back coz i got fed up of them not delivering my parcel from sports direct have given up emailing them coz i got no response have rung them three times with no help from their staff and a fiver added on to the phone bill as well monkeys could run the company better

  34. I am expecting a delivery from DPD today, earlier on between 11am and 12 am I noticed a Yodel van draw up outside my house in Cosham. Anticipating a knock I opened the door but the van driver pulled away. What was he up to??

  35. 🙂 who knows! Hope you got your parcel, not ha any issues with DPD for a couple of recent deliveries. In fact they all arrived in their allotted times!

  36. Yodel, absolute rubbish, bought a Mattress of Amazon 7 days ago still not got it, Tried to get in touch with Yodel cost me £9.50 on my mobile, same old story when you ring, due to high volume of calls it will be 10mins till we answer, doesn’t matter when you ring same old 10mins, promised to send goods out, stayed in all day, nothing, e-mail complaint, nothing back, phone again, promise to send goods out, stay in all day, nothing. Phoned the company I bought the mattress off and told them to cancel the order and asked for full re-fund all due to rubbish service Yodel provide. I will never order anything again if Yodel are the courier provider, they must cost their clients thousands of pounds due to cancelled orders

  37. I had acollection of a heavy parcel the driver took it to his van and drove off and did leave a receipt my parcel has gone missing the next day I came home to find my new iphone left in a rubbish bin full of rotten waste i have complained to yodel with no response, I can pick the driver and van out so will report the theft to the police.

  38. Just sent this to littlewoods> 
    Hi,I would like to thank you for your email today stating that i have £7387.17 left to spend on my account. At the moment we are in no need of making an order. However if i was and perhaps in the future to make orders i have decided not to shop with business that use yodel as there delivery company. There for i would like to ask if in future i was willing to make an order would it be possible to request for an alternative courier company? I believe at moment there are many people who are concerned with yodel making delivery’s and have heard that a list being formed of company’s that use yodel and customers are  being advised to steer clear of company’s that use them. As you will see i have been a long sanding customer with littlewoods and this is a shame if i have to shop else where.That said its better to shop with companies that care about there customers delivery’s don’t you think.Kind Regardskevin

    Perhaps if there customers take notice then they might sort the company out. I wouldn’t want to loose customers would you.

  39. I could be thoroughly wrong here, but I thought HDN and yodel sprang from littlewoods back in the day. If so, it’s unlikely they’ll use anyone else I’m afraid 🙁

  40. I am the proud owner of a free blouse thanks to Yodel. I ordered it from Littlewoods, who deliver by Yodel now. It arrived rather late, delivered by a Yodel driver who was yammering to a mate while she came to my door. At 9 PM that evening I received an automated call from Littlewoods acknowledging the return of my parcel. By that point I was wearing the blouse. I logged in to my Littlewoods account, and surely enough, the blouse had been marked as returned. My account balance had been corrected to zero.

    Thanks, Yodel!

  41. I as a yodel courier am disappointed that this as happened, I collect my deliveries Monday to Saturday and do my upmost to deliver every parcel. If the customer is out I try a neighbour or two or three. Generally my customers are very happy with the deliveries telling me that they had only ordered them the evening before. I do feels that we generally only complain it would be nice for people to give us some good reviews, people where are you who are satisfied with our overall service give us a big shout cheers Sharon

  42. I do appreciate that people moan more about bad service than loudly about great service.
    I think with my particular issue, that it seemed the operational elements of the company weren’t working as well as they could or should. The biggest thing was the lack of communication about the issues.
    I don’t doubt that there is a silent majority of times things work for yodel customers. But sadly based on the traffic this blog receives coupled with numerous conversations in person and on social media, there are a lot of people that have had difficulties receiving items from Yodel at times.
    Over approximately a 3 week period, no one told me what was going on, and no one even tried to deliver the parcel. Sadly, that’s just not good enough

  43. From a frustrated Recipient, Yodel Tracking Details:

    Passed to courier for delivery. (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    27th Jul 2012

    Out for delivery (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    27th Jul 2012

    Scanned as part of secure process (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    27th Jul 2012

    Scanned as part of secure process (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    27th Jul 2012

    Passed to courier for delivery. (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    26th Jul 2012

    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    26th Jul 2012

    Delivery tried,awaiting instruction (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Passed to courier for delivery. (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Parcel returned to delivery depot (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Passed to courier for delivery. (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Parcel returned to delivery depot (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    25th Jul 2012

    Out for delivery (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Scanned as part of secure process (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Scanned as part of secure process (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    25th Jul 2012

    Passed to courier for delivery. (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    24th Jul 2012

    Possible delay, incomplete address (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    24th Jul 2012

    Possible delay, incomplete address (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    23rd Jul 2012

    Possible delay, incomplete address (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    23rd Jul 2012

    Parcel returned to delivery depot (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    23rd Jul 2012

    Passed to delivery courier (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    23rd Jul 2012

    Consignee Cannot Be Reached (ENFIELD HOME DELIVERY)
    20th Jul 2012

    Parcel with courier for delivery (ENFIELD HOME DELIVERY)
    20th Jul 2012

    Out for delivery (ENFIELD HOME DELIVERY)
    20th Jul 2012

    Parcel to be delivered by courier (ENFIELD SERVICE CENTRE)
    20th Jul 2012

    20th Jul 2012

    Departed Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB)
    20th Jul 2012

    Arrived At Depot (WEDNESBURY HUB)
    20th Jul 2012

    Parcel data received awaiting coll. (NORTHAMPTON SERVICE CENTRE)
    19th Jul 2012

  44. I am having similar problems with a camera I have ordered twice from Argos. Both of them have ‘got lost’ at the local Yodel depot in Peterborough.
    No reponse from Yodel to my email enquiries via their website.
    Argos seem to be powerless and their customer services admitted they had a long list of ‘lost’ deliveries.
    So, I have already had one refund and another looks as if it is about due.
    Amazon, eBuyer, DABS, Pixmania, Play.com – no problems with their deliveries.
    Argos – change your delivery agent or suffer the consequences.

  45. Absolutely useless. This is teh first time that I have had a delivery from Yodel and I certainly will not be buying online from any companmy that uses these people again! I am 8 months pregnant and so finding it hard to shop so felt that online shopping would be a better alternative. I ordered my make up from MAC cosmetics and paid extra for the privileghe of having the goods delivered the next day before 12pm.  At 2pm I am still awaiting delivery ON the Yodel website, it said that my parcel was out for delivery but then that it was held at the Enfield Service Centre for a booking in date. I have contacted MAC to ascertain what this is and apparently this is only for commercial addresses. My address is residential. I have contacted Yodel four times today and informed that they are having communication issues with Enfield but that emails have been sent to them asking them to deliver today. In the end, I typed in Yodel to google to find that I am not the only one with problems of this nature and knew that my delivery would not arrive todfay. I therefore contacted MAC to cancel the order and I will have to end up going into town to buy the make up in person. I won’t however get a refund until MAC receive the original parcel back- if that ever happens of course.  Needless to say i’m not very happy with teh service I have received and I doubt I will be ordering online from any company using these idiots again.

  46. Just appalling.  Had trouble with  delivery before [ had to collect ti may self]] went to depot only to end they’d sent it out again! Paid extra for special delivery.within 24 hours. Today wait in all day for parcel/ letter [ easy to put thro letter box] Their web site claims it WAS delivered and left in porch [ we we in all day and DONT HAVE a porch ] . It wasn’t . Cant get through  to Yodel [neither can Virgin who sent the item] for 20 minutes and are charged 0844 rates -eventualy they answer…. The driver can’t be contacted  will get back etc …nothing etc etc. Still dot know whats happening …. simply dreadful. Never use this company. I really don’t now why any reputable retailers uses them . be warned they are awful change of name has done nothing to improve thier crap service.


  48. Hi Peter I don’t know if you have seen this site 
    http://notyodel.proboards.com/, They have a list of all the companies that use Yod-hell as their courier. I’m sick to the back teeth of them a driver of theirs signed my name(FRAUD) and kept 2 pairs of Adidas trainers i ordered from sports direct, I’ve wrote a 2 and half page letter to the CEO of sports division to try and sort this fiasco out.he has until next Tuesday to contact me and then i’m going to try and get my money back via visa debit card charge back.I’m also going to the Police and trading standards.

  49. Hi jeff

    I’ve seen the proboard for yodel (there is a section on this blog post on there) as it was setup at around the time as I wrote this post.
    Really sorry that yodel continue to be so poor, and it’s such a shame for the organisations that choose to use them.
    For all that yodel are cheap, how much damage to reputation they must do to for those that they deliver on the behalf of!

  50. This is what I pointed out to the CEO of Sports Division in my letter. I said for any company to use them with the reputation they have now is commercial suicide IMO. YOD-HELL are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

  51. I paid for yodel to deliver a parcel, was told it would be picked up next day – 2 days later it still hasn’t been picked up. Impossible to get in touch with them. Don’t touch them with a barge Pole. That’s why they’re cheap – they do nothing & still get your money!!!

  52. I live on the 3rd floor and my flat is right next to a main road in Glasgow. I watched the delivery driver pull up and go to the main door of my building – assuming he was about to buzz up, I went to go let him in – nothing. went back to the window and he was driving off. He’d just shoved a sorry we missed you card under the door, but with no tracking code. Phoned Yodel, arranged to go about 5 miles to their depot. They said they’d hold item for me to be picked up today [Saturday] between 9am and 12pm. Went up and they couldn’t find the parcel. Guy at reception said “a driver must have it in his van, have you got anyone in your house to get it in case he re-delivers?” No, because I’m standing here in your depot waiting to pick up the parcel.  Turns out the driver hasn’t scanned the item and so they had no idea which driver it was or if he would deliver today or “maybe Monday”. So now I have no idea what’s happening since every question I asked was met with a shrug or and unsure “I’m not sure” or “possibly” and for some reason they refuse to update the tracking location. Though I guess they can’t track anything when they allow random drivers to go away with parcels without scanning them..

    Totally unhelpful and unprofessional. While I was in the depot, five different customers came in and only one left with their parcel. I honestly don’t understand why any companies use Yodel. In future, I will be avoiding companies that use Yodel as best I can.

  53. Just had the same issue as you, I ordered a 24″ BenQ monitor of amazon expecting to recieve it 5 days later.. If only it came. Customer service informed me that they had simply not loaded it onto the van -__- 

    So I thought, Ok, shit happens, they’ll send it out tomorrow. It was then that I noticed in my email inbox that Amazon had put through a refund for the full price so I sent an email to Amazon asking them what happened, they told me Yodel had been unable to deliver and that the refund would take 2-3 days to go through. -_______________-

    I want this damn monitor and will be ordering the same thing again, but this time I will be calling them every day until my package comes through.

  54. Yet again no delivery, constant lies from drivers and customer support,
    this time say attempted to deliver but no one in, but tracking says despatched 19.15 and attempted 19.17 don’t know how they traveled 40 miles in that time, last time i was told wrong address, but when it eventually arrive it was perfect and clear,

    i’ve had over 20 problems with them just this year and every time they were at fault and lied every time, How can a company like this survive,

    yodel don’t care and will not change anything as long as companies still use them, so people need to complain to the senders every time and keep complaining and refuse to use them where possible,

  55. They are incompetent fools, For the first delivery of goods the driver said he had attempted delivery and left a card, He did not, So I emailed the company, It is now 8 days since and no reply, When the driver did turn up he was only able to nod, shake his head and grin like a loon whilst telling me “I not english” , The second delivery was scheduled for today, Virgin sent me an email stating time to expect delivery and Yodel sent a text saying Thank you, Your delivery will be with you by 5.30pm, This time came and went so I thought I would check tracking info, Only to find driver had said he had left a card as no one was home, He did not leave a card yet again ! As I was in the front garden and saw nobody I can only assume he is invisible . I then called Yodel and was waiting for over 30 mins to speak to someone , When I got through they apologised abd said they would call the contact number for the driver, He didnt answer his phone. They said they would call back and have not, If I see that driver I shall beat him to a bloody pulp. I have better things to do than sit around waiting for a delivery that does not arrive, Also I shall be forwarding my next phone bill to them for them to pay ….. lol. Fat chance of them doing anything right. They are hard to get hold of and excuse the profanity but they are a shower of shite and I think they should be shut down. Rant over now but I am still very unhappy.

  56. Yodel :Shower of s**t , full of lying scumbags who say they leave cards when they don’t and in future if I see they are the courier I shall cancel my orders !!! The man who finally turned up last week did not even speak english as he told me lol. And today 13/09 / 12 they failed again, Was sent text by yodel to say parcel would be delivered by 5.30pm but at 5.31 the tracking said card left, It was not, then checking again they say card lrft at 21.01 it was not , I am going to slap him when I see him. Bloody idiot. Sent email to customer service re; last weeks disaster, Not heard back and as for calling them pah ! Was on hold for over 30mins.

  57. i had similar problem with a parcel i never received from Amazon, once it was sent back to amazon they issued an immediate refund and organised an alternative delivery method.

    once again i am having problems with another delivery involving yodel. i am now onto my third re-delivery date, despite receiving email confirmation of first re-delivery date and having spoken to someone to arrange the second.

    this company really is a joke.

  58. I also went to pick up my parcels today from collect and click as got email to say they where ready.The items where clothing for my holiday tomorrow as i only have 2 pairs of jeans and am going to a country thats in its 30’s.I drove there and when i got there i was told they wasn’t there that they had been returned, i only ordered them 3 days ago and hadn’t put in a collection request.Drove home phoned my catalougue who gave me my parcel numbers which i phoned yodel to have a ganster like spoken girl who gave me the wrong info as she said it was the wrong number so i phoned my catalougue back and no it was right?? so i explain the situation to someone else and im now told the catalugue requested for them to be collected? why would the catalugue request this? so again phone catalugue and no they have no records that they have done that and that they wouldn’t do that anyway.So again i phone yodel and the next guy says no it dosn’t say that so the previuos guy made it up? so i explain myself to the next person and they said they can’t answer why my parcel has been returned back to sender? i ask to speak to a supervisor or manager and the guy starts to get abit irrate and says no, i said i am requesting to speak to someone in charge and he said no, i said thats appauling customer service and if i don’t one of my customers at work no i would be sacked?I have never spoke to a bunch of airheads in all my life, my little 5 year old is more intellegent than them.Absloutly useless

  59. Virgin Mobile have just started using Yodel. After complaining to Virgin umpteen times that my phone hadnt arrived they were forced to admit that they have been inundated by complaints. I had to cancel the order in the end. Life is too short.

  60. this is how a typical delivery failure looks like from Yodel and despite me giving a full address including postcode. This is from their website:

    Out for delivery12/10/1206:15LEAMINGTON SPA SERVICE CENTRE YODELDeparted Depot11/10/1223:10HATFIELD TERMINALArrived At Depot11/10/1223:07HATFIELD TERMINALDeparted Depot11/10/1216:58VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREItem returned to sender11/10/1210:23VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address10/10/1210:57VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address09/10/1210:31VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address08/10/1210:36VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address05/10/1210:19VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREItem returned to sender03/10/1211:40VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address01/10/1214:58VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREPossible delay, incomplete address01/10/1210:06VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREIn Transit01/10/1206:40VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREParcel returned to delivery depot28/09/12VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREUnable to locate28/09/12VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREIn Transit28/09/12VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREOut for delivery28/09/1210:15VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREScanned as part of secure process28/09/12VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREIn Transit28/09/1207:32VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREArrived At Depot28/09/1207:32VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTREDeparted Depot27/09/1219:26NORTHAMPTON SERVICE CENTREParcel data received awaiting coll.27/09/12NORTHAMPTON SERVICE CENTRE

  61. I am disgusted with Yodel , l was expecting two very urgent parcels that contained £600 worth of goods , they didn’t deliver on the specified day so l went online and re arranged delivery day , guess what ? no show , they attempted the following day and left a card again , re arranged with their online system again and another no show , three days later left red cards to contact and pick up from depot with no address , eventually got hold of customer service and spoke to someone who could barely speak English , eventually told l had signed for them which l had not , carried on questioning and found out they had been returned to sender , l’m now trying to contact sender to drive a 180mile round trip to pick them up instead , an atrocious company that should be shut down , liars and cheats , l shall be suing them for return of fees , l suggest everyone else gets on their backs too !

  62. i was a driver for this shit place untill 4days ago as noone in the depo knew what there were doing all my drop info was always wrong my pda would often crash so i never knew if to get parcels signed for and the paper work u got was no better just post codes no door numbers so would often have to jump in back of van and see were parcels needed to go.and now 4days later there still giving customers my tel number saying iv got there parcel to deliver get a grip i dont work for you any longer ffs

  63. I must have been lucky – I’ve had 3 or 4 Yodel deliveries in a row that have gone really smoothly – I’ve been wondering if its due to the nice lady that has been delivering them here recently…
    I hope that continues, and that they get better everywhere else too.

    Interesting to hear from a former employee though, thanks for the comment.

  64. yodel left me an ” unable to collect card ” when they tried to deliver my parcel? with just a parcel number written on it. no phone number on the card so tried to contact them on line… bad idea..when i did find a phone number it was out of service and the next phone number i found the automated voice wanted the 8 digit number from the card… but i had been left the wrong card and had no number!.
    the tracking system would not let me rearrange delivery so i can only wait….2 days later the tracking system says it will be delivered today! we can only hope !!!!

  65. i have never had a problem with amazon itself, i read the reviews about yodel but had no choice to use them as amazon had them as the delivery company, i ordered my mother in law a gift at which i was supposed 2 recieve it by thursday 13 december and have been tracking it since it was dispatched on the 8th of december, yesterday i called yodel as my tracking list said that it was “out for delivery” at 10:59 am, with that i called yodel after about an hour calling a phone that no one picks up a woman answered and was very abrupt, the tracking system then said ‘delivered , signed by:”assumed delivery” she wouldnt take any resposibility for the driver either delivering to wrong address, she told me to contact amazon themselves which i have now done so hopefully all is resolved .the twist to the story is that i live in an area where there are houses next to my block of flats that also go by same street name and last year my mum ordered sum shopping from asda for me that was delivered to people in a house with the same door number as me and them people signed for my shopping so i have suspicion that they might have taken my parcel too, my partner went to them this morning asking if they recieved a parcel they looked worried and apparently couldnt understand what the word ‘parcel’ was lol (i find that hard to belive) either way its called fraud if you sign for something under someone elses name. all i can say is i hope my parcel is delivered to its rightfull place in the condition it should originally have came in, and one last word…. DO NOT IF POSSIBLE HAVE ANYTHING DELIVERED FROM YODEL, all the reviews people have written are CORRECT, these people are scamers, the drivers probably keep our parcels for themselves and the company back them up all the way…i think this is one for WATCHDOG!

  66. Things haven’t got any better, just look at this tracking – I’m in Southend, which is where the package is meant to be coming to!

    In transit to local service centre Hatfield 20th Dec 2012 15:25
    In transit to local service centre Hatfield 20th Dec 2012 15:21
    In transit, parcel delayed by 24 hours Chelmsford a service centre 19th Dec 2012 11:39
    In transit to local service centre Hatfield 18th Dec 2012 18:58
    In transit to local service centre Hatfield 18th Dec 2012 18:54
    In transit, parcel delayed by 24 hours Chelmsford a service centre15th Dec 2012 12:01
    In transit to local service centre Wednesbury14th Dec 2012 06:53
    In transit, parcel delayed by 24 hours Chelmsford a service centre 11th Dec 2012 12:30
    Parcel received at local service centre Chelmsford a service centre11th Dec 2012 06:54
    In transit to local service centre Wednesbury10th Dec 2012 15:57

  67. Yodel supply for Very.co.uk with whom i purchased a £100+ product online and paid the extra fees of next day delivery for Christmas Eve. The Yodel driver comes gives my door a very quick knock and runs out of sight before I get downstairs, open the door and run out. I was left with a nice unable to deliver your item card with an 8-digit reference. Absolutely NO COMMON SENSE to know that he should have left it with a neighbour if the item is marked and prepaid for Christmas Eve delivery!!! The Yodel website then does not allow you to fill the online form with with the 8-digit reference as it is NEW and the phone line service hangs up as it doesn’t recognise the new number – USELESS!!!! I held the phone to speak to someone and after 8 minutes of ringing it went silent and dead, so obviously no one is in on CHristmas Eve. DO NOT USE YODEL – THEY SERIOUSLY ARE DAFT!!!

  68. On the 5th Jan I placed an order with sports direct, today as expected they sent me an email to say “my order is with Yodel” OK gulp track parcel…and the status states I need to reschedule my delivery” !! how can, on a weekend, has my order magically left their warehouse and reached me, no card and gone back again??? now worried as I have read all other posts and feel this is doomed before its even gone anywhere… :-/ if I knew they used Yodel I wouldn’t of bothered…I wait for a delivery…

  69. Hello,
    I have created a new website that has been created to provide you with a place to share your experiences that you had when sending or receiving a Parcel delivered by one of the major Couriers that we have listed.

    I would be happy if you could take a look and maybe register.


    Link is www. Parcel-Forum .com

  70. Hi,

    I’m usually not the kind of person who write bad words about others or companies. But excuse me, YODEL really s….ks!

    1/ They attempt to deliver my parcel only 2 times instead of 3 (I got two calling cards).
    2/ They ignored my query to reschedule (by phone, twitter, or via their website).
    3/ Then I’ve been told that the driver did not find my address (How come, since I got calling cards?!).
    4/ Worse, they told the sender that they attempted to delivered 5 times my parcel (lie)
    5/ I never got my parcel and need to pay the the shipping fees again

    This is the first time such a nightmare happens to me (after 3 years leaving in London) and I shop online very often. All other couriers delivered my parcels without any problem (DPD, City Link, DHL, etc…).

    Conclusion : never use YODEL !


  71. Yodel also supply for argos, specifically the ebay site anyway. i have ordered something from them and are expecting it to arrive tommorrow

  72. What I started to
    do is complain to companies who i shop from to not use yodal or I and my network will choose alternative

  73. We are having a similar nightmare with Yodel, whose driver claimed he delivered two packages containing a mobile phone in each to our door, but in reality only delivered one. Yodel now say they accept one signature for two separate parcels or consignments each with their own number. Talk about open to fraud and theft! There word against ours – and now we can’t cancel the contract either as we don’t have a phone to return – wonderful!!

  74. they are awful. i dont understand why they cannot just call me upon delivery or have some form of communication…useless and i like you will always ask where i order from who there courier is

  75. Not only in deliveries do Yodel fall short.

    I had an urgent
    package for collection. I was told that collections were between 0800
    and 1700. When after awaiting all day nothing had happened at 1630 I
    rang the call centre to check. I was told that an attempt had been made
    to collect but was unsucessful. This was a LIE. From 0700 that
    moring I had workmen at the front of the house changing doors etc. I
    worked all day in my garage overlooking the road, and I have a CCTV
    that can see all traffic coming into the close. The van never entered
    the close yet alone attempt to collect the package.

    If you want service go else where.richard

  76. I will ensure i never buy another item that uses this company again.

    Did not make 3 delivery attempts. Sister was in the house one day, and out for the 2days i was working away. Received two missed delivery cards, and was in the house on a friday and no one came AT ALL.

    Company is unhelpful and refused point blank to redeliver when i finally called them Who cares that i work, they didnt do the 3 delivery attempts, that is a birthday present, or the depot is AGES away from my house and i cannot get there and back with a large and heavy box, no car and serious back issues. Have had to arrange for a family member who drives to come get the package, never mind the fact she lives no where near here and will be at least a 30 min drive in and 30 mins back.

    Automated system for the one and only phone number provided on the card is as useless as the company. Wouldnt have even given them 1 star as they clearly didnt do the job.

    What kind of delivery service cannot redeliver a parcel?

  77. This company’s performance is so poor. I waited a whole day for a parcel that never arrived. They said they came and left a card which was a lie. They were supposed to make the delievery on Wednesday, its friday and am still waiting, no apologise whatsoever and no acknowledgment of my complaints. Why argos has decided to start using this ill reputable company beats logical reasoning.

  78. THIS is how I got my parcel – and with the weather being awful on the day they STILL didn’t knock before putting it over the back gate. My Mum was there at the time so she would know and she had to open the parcel to see if the book I ordered were ok. They got lucky and not sticking together HOWEVER I am NOT happy – do NOT order from Yodel ever. Gonna look into delivery options VERY carefully for now on!!!

  79. It is by far the worst delivery company out there I believe. I get asked about deliveries all the time and Yodel are right up there as the worst offenders. However, remember that your contract is with the retailer and NOT the delivery company so your refund must come from them. A retailer may well you try and fob you off with “It’s the delivery firm” Wrong. It is the retailer that has not supplied your goods so demand repayment from them under the amended sales of Goods act 1979 and also the Consumer Rights Directive 2013. The retailer can then get the money back from Yodel for not adhering to their contract. That’s not your problem. Let the retailer do the work, it is them to whom you have paid money after all. even if the retailer tries to spout rubbish about your delivery is a separate contract to the purchase I’d go for The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 🙂

  80. Not always about poor couriers – it’s about damn poor administrative processes too.

  81. I have just received a parcel ( left in shed) as instructed if i wasnt at home. The delivery man has left the parcel “in shed” when i went to retrieve it the dozy b***** had only broken the handle of the roof . a little note through the door apologizing would have been decent ……Prob been in too much of a hurry as usual !!!! they knock on your door and then push a note through saying NO ONE IN. Duuuh!!! they,v gone in 3 sec of knocking. Rant over but i am making a complaint although after reading some statements on hear am wondering if its worth it !!

  82. Scam on Insurance

    Yodel lost my parcel , I paid £70.00 for extra compensation – had to prove it was not delivered , they did not have to prove they had not delivered it even though they sent an email saying they had lost it, had to send them prove of my bank account to say my item was worth £70.00 – surley if I insure it for £70.00 I have paid my premium and if they admit losing it wht do I have to prove it was not delivered –

  83. Having so much trouble contacting yodel. Cannot find an email address anywhere. Plenty of phone numbers at extortionate rates. Even then, cannot get to speak to a human being. All I have done for my sins is return a faulty item I purchased. No-one has seen parcel since collection at my home and seller refuses to give me refund unless I sort it out with Yodel. Fat chance. Never again. Talk about lessons learned, this one just cost me £85.00. Elaine.

  84. Virginmedia use Yodel as well!!!!!! I have had my wireless router go on endless journeys to and from Virgin, the Yodel depot and my house for past couple of weeks, all the time trying to get in touch with a driver who’s mobile keeps on asking me to press “1” and he’ll get back to me (and never has done…ever!) and webchatting with Yodel Customer ‘care’ who can’t seem to get in contact with their own driver or their depot either!!!! All I ever get is empty promises and the great big runaround! The only reason all these companies use Yodel is because Yodel have obviously undercut everyone else who actually do a decent job of delivering stuff and the various companies we use obviously don’t give a flying F**k about us, or whether we get inconvenienced or even if we actually receive what we’ve paid for!
    I am calling Virginmedia 2moro and I’m going to ask them one question, ‘Do you really want to lose my £120/month because of Yodel, or are you going to use a proper company to send it out with?’. Because I am quite literally sick and tired of dealing with these bunch of bananas! I have already cancelled several ebay purchases because they insisted on using Yodel even though I am more than willing to pay the extra money to actually have my purchase delivered! One Major eBay user actually told me that he had negative feedback quadruple since changing over to Yodel and he moved back to donkey mail right away as they were quicker and more reliable!
    By the way: I just love the way their web site has a help section with 3 items in it and none of them actually being anything to do with complaints or how to make one! They wouldn’t do anything else if they actually advertised a complaints email! AND THEY KNOW IT!

  85. This company is absolutely rubbish. So infuriating!! Their drivers lack common sense, have not initiative whatsoever. I ordered a phone through Tesco online, who uses this bullshit low grade company (didn’t know at the time otherwise I would have followed your format Helen) was given a delivery time between 12-2100hrs delivery slot. Needless to say I waited in ALL day, sitting by my front room window and guess what? Didn’t see a yodel van appear. Called their customer service line, but this is just automated messages. So you had to use Live Chat at 6.30pm to communicate with someone equally as dumb as the drivers!! I still had 2.5hr time-frame left in which my parcel could have be delivered. Asked for the driver to come back, was told he doesn’t work after 7pm. Jokes!!! All they could suggest is that the driver would…TRY again tomorrow. Blood pressure rising…trying to stay calm….and breathe….. Not sure whether I will get the phone I ordered since Tuesday which was suppose to be Next Day Delivery.
    I agree with you all…find out if Yodel will be delivering, if they are…don’t buy!

  86. 3 years on and Yodel are still as bad. How on earth does this firm stay in business? I was told my delivery would be here Monday (dispatched last Friday) but nothing arrived. I chased the retailer and by Wednesday they were able to give me a tracking number which, surprise surprise – is not recognised on the tracking system. On calling the seller again I was told that their Yodel tracker showed delivery on 24th Feb or before. Nothing on 23rd so this morning I web chatted with them and was told they have no record of my parcel!
    I’ve spoken again to the seller who is very helpful at the moment and has contacted Yodel. Now waiting for their response. The seller did say however that the account manager for Yodel had told him that just because it couldn’t be found on their system doesn’t mean it isn’t out for delivery as the drivers sometimes don’t scan the parcels before loading them (!) So all that to say I’m set for a 4th day of not just staying at the house but lurking around the front door area as they seem to try and avoid finding somebody in if they possibly can. Do we assume they get paid if they’ve just left a card ie tried to deliver?

  87. UGH!! YODEL.

    Seriously, Yodel are AWFUL to deal with, I will not order from anyone who uses them anymore, their customer service is shocking, their policies are designed to benefit themselves and they just seem to not care at all about their customers.

    Below is my live chat transcript from this morning, after trying to speak with someone and before the email exchange I have now had with some girl in the ‘escalations’ team- also totally pointless, they give general responses and empty apologies. That’s all, no actual resolution or specific demonstratable outcomes.

    Yodel Chat transcript
    Welcome to the Yodel live chat Service. An advisor will be with you shortly.
    You are now connected with YODEL
    YODEL: Welcome to Yodel Online. How can I help you today?
    ME: 0844 755 0117 just puts me through to a machine which doesn’t recognise the info I am giving it and cuts me off
    ME: I want to actually speak to someone
    YODEL: Do you have your parcel tracking number to hand so that I can look into this further for you?
    ME: order number is XXXXX ref is XXXXX
    YODEL: Thank you.
    YODEL: Please could you confirm the full name and address that should be on your parcel?
    ME: dispatch Feb 25th
    YODEL: Thank you.
    YODEL: Thank you.
    YODEL: Can you give me a minute or two to look into this for you?
    ME: sure
    YODEL: XXXXXXXX is your parcel number and the tracking shows the parcel was delivered on the 1st
    ME: yes it was
    ME: to a completely wrong address
    YODEL: Do you not have the parcel then?
    ME: I do now! Thanks to the lady calling me (on my mobile which is printed on the front of the parcel by the way) and WE had to go and arrange to collect it.
    ME: thank goodness she was a kind person and not someone who just decided to steal it
    YODEL: I am sorry to hear that XXXXX.
    ME: why was my parcel delivered to a completely wrong address AND your delivery driver allowed a stranger to sign for and collect it??
    ME: the address printed on the package is correct
    YODEL: I am sorry to hear this XXXXX, I will pass this onto the depot manager to ensure that it doesn’t happen again for you.
    ME: that’s it? it won’t happen again because quite frankly I won’t be using yodel again. That’s really not good enough and quite frankly you don’t sound like you are that concerned
    YODEL: I am sorry to hear you feel that way XXXXX. This will be being passed onto the driver’s manager to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
    ME: as an example of customer service that really is shocking. Totally wrong address, you allowed a completely random person to sign for it and basically showed a total lack of concern over my parcel and its safe delivery
    ME: I’m pretty sure that’s what yodel are supposed to do as a business
    YODEL: I can understand that this frustrating for you XXXXX and I am sorry to see any inconvenience this has caused you.
    ME: and that’s it? Thanks for the feedback?
    YODEL: I completely understand your frustration with this. I have fed all of your comments back to the driver’s manager who will look into this for you. As this is a private discussion between them, I am unable to disclose any information that is discussed as this is between the driver’s manager and the driver. Again, I do completely understand where you are coming from and I am sorry to hear of what has happened.
    ME: so I assume yodel has a process for customer feedback? There is a timescale and anticipated date when you can feedback the outcome of the driver’s managers investigation to me is there?
    YODEL: I am unable to disclose any information that is discussed as this is between the driver’s manager and the driver
    ME: so what is yodels feedback policy for customer complaints?
    YODEL: If you would like to raise the complaint yourself you would need to contact the team at Talktous@sm.myyodel.co.uk.
    ME: that’s not a feedback policy, that’s a method of raising a complaint- what I am asking you- is now that YOU have raised my complaint with the drivers manager how will you provide me with feedback about the outcome of my complaint?
    YODEL: You wouldn’t get feedback from this unfortunately. If you would like to raise the complaint yourself and be contacted in regards to it you would need to email the team at that address.
    ME: would have been good to know that the start with then I needn’t have wasted your time or mine with this entire chat transcript- which I don’t really understand the point of if there is no outcome?
    YODEL: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    ME: you haven’t really helped so far- tell you what, ill email someone. Cheers, YODEL.

    I won’t post the email therad as it will just raise your blood pressure.

  88. You should know by now that Yodel’s incompetence is entirely your fault. Did you bother to sit outside on your doorstep for 8 hours in case the courier did not call? Did you pay a team of people to look out for vans coming down your street, and if they stop, running over to ask if the drivers work for Yodel? Could you be bothered to live at an address which is more convenient for their drivers to deliver to? If you couldn’t be bothered to do all these thing, then, quite frankly, you don’t deserve to receive deliveries form anyone.

  89. You have to remember that you are a sub-species to Yodel drivers, and as far as they are concerned you do not deserve to be treated any better than something they have trodden in on the bottom of their shoes.

  90. I ordered from a company, who unfortunately use Yodel and was out when the parcel was delivered. I was left a blank card and after a lot of effort and time on my part and no human contact from yodel, what a difficult company to communicate with! I contacted the courier to say that I was away and no one would be in for delivery. I asked for the parcel to be taken back to the depot and I would arrange collection. An option on the blank delivery card. The courier said he would continue to deliver it as he could do what he wanted. He was very rude so I contacted the company and spoke to a person. I was assured that the parcel would remain in the depot fir a week and I would collect it myself when back from working away. Surprisingly when I got back there were delivery cards for everyday. I contacted yodel again and was assured that the parcel would be at the depot for me to collect. They could not account for the behaviour of the courier. Surprisingly after many reassurances from the company, the courier turned up on the Friday night with the parcel. He then shouted at me saying that he could do what he wanted and even if I complained the company would do nothing. He stood at my front door swearing at me. He walked away and then turned around again shouting and swearing at me as he walked back up my path. I shut and licked the door and contacted yodel. Well not surprisingly they have dine absolutely nothing in relation to this couriers abusive behaviour. He is still out there delivering parcels in his rude and abusuve manner. He had even delivered another parcel to me since! I no longer use any company that uses yodel and I urge you to do the same. I have today contacted yodel again, though their lack of customer care gives me little hope

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