The Power of Music – A Look at my #SEOMusic

Wow… It’s been 580 days since I last wrote a blog post on here, and my follow up to my awful year of singing around Europe is going to be another post about music.

A lot’s gone on in those 580 days, I’ve spoken at conferences, won some awards with my kick ass company, been filmed for TV (should hopefully be on next week or so) and a load of other yada yada that I probably shouldn’t be sharing with the internet as a whole.

So instead, as I’m going through another big music phase, I thought I’d write about the Power of Music for me. I say a big music phase; it’s not like I’ve recently been overwhelmed with a bunch of new music that I want to listen to. Far from it in fact, I’ve been going through a phase of not finding anything new really that excites me.

Restoring Faith in Buying Things Online

Many of the irregular (you can’t be that regular with how I often I post here!) readers of this blog may well recall me having a bit of a whine about delivery issues with products bought online causing me to question whether or not I actually wanted to continue making purchases from websites.

There was a whole palava with the delivery company Yodel that culminated in my getting rather irate and ranty online – but ultimately – this got me nothing (except a whole load of Yodel related web traffic, and the ability to see with the peaks and troughs in traffic on these terms when they are having bad days/weeks).

I kept that post updated with my progress, which ended up with me just getting a refund from the supplier & vowing to keep away from Yodel wherever possible.

So, what has happened since – did I lose my enthusiasm for purchasing online? Well, no, of course I didn’t, it’s way to easy to do it, and it typically ends up being cheaper than the high street.

BrightonSEO’s Evolution, Community and some Karaoke Fun!

The First BrightonSEO

BrightonSEO has changed a lot since my first trip down to Brighton in December 2009 (I think) to go for a drink with some fellow SEOs. This was my first trip out into the wild that is the SEO community and I haven’t looked back since. That first night I got to meet some industry type folks that I still speak to today, such as Anna Lewis, Any Keetch & Kelvin Newman, although its still with some sadness that I remember it was Jaamit that persuaded me to actually get my arse in gear to go and visit it. Still missed mate, still missed.

Yodel Delivery Problems – Do I Really Want To Carry On Purchasing Online?

If you’ve followed my Twitter stream over the last 10 days or so, you will no doubt have seen me moaning about Yodel Delivery Problems, and I am getting massively frustrated with the horrifically bad service (it can barely be called service really) that I have been receiving from them.

I’m currently questioning if I actually want to purchase items online at the moment, as they have become the “cheap” courier of choice for the cheaper ends of the Internet.

All I want is my parcel and Yodel have made me question whether or not I want to continue purchasing items online.

Stacking Shelves Ain’t Easy

I was watching the BBC news this morning, and grew increasing irritated about repeated comments of “it’s easy stacking shelves”.

These people have clearly never done it! This was presenters as well as guests brought on to talk about the topics, one for it and one against. They all seemed to say exactly that though, and it really raised my hackles.

I’ve worked in retail for a number of companies – most horrifically Asda, when I took a job with them as a Christmas temp to get off the dole. I quit there about 5 months later (I grafted so they kept me on after the immediate Christmas rush) and moved to Co-op as it didn’t involve a 30 mile bus commute – I could walk instead, and it was just over a mile.

The job was not easy!