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I Don’t Want To Pay For News

I’ve just been reading an article over at the BBC where James Murdoch was complaining about the BBC giving the news away for free!

Why should we have to pay to receive news? What with the use of Twitter for far speedier communication of the latest events around the world, trying to make people that have a wealth of information at their fingertips pay for short news stories on websites, that are already rehashing whatever is said elsewhere! It’s absolutely non-sensical!

I read news on the BBC fairly regularly, but don’t read the Sun website. Reason? The Sun quality is poor- the only reason I have ever bought the paper is because of their sports coverage, but it’s pretty rubbish on their website.

Facebook Vanity URL, Best Man Speech, new phone plans and Annoying Google UK SERPs

Morning guys and gals – been way too long since I last wrote a blog post.

Since then I’ve been off on a stag do that I organised for my good friend Ben, been playing lots of resident evil 5 (god I hate those guys with Chainsaws) and have been working hard at the office to keep on top of everything.

This morning I managed to get my “vanity” facebook URL – I’m www.facebook.com/ismepete – a strange name “ismepete” I’ll grant you, but its been a name that I have been using for years, and its not something that anyone else seems to use – I’m ismepete on lots of sites, its my PSN id, my twitter name, used to be my MySpace name (before I got bored of it and joined the legion of people leaving the place), so at least I am consistent. Not quite sure if there is any real point in getting one, but hey ho, why not eh?

Search Engine Marketer

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I’ve decided to relaunch my website as just a blog.

My name is Peter Handley, and I am a search engine marketer.

I first created this website a few years ago as a test bed website for the search engine optimisation work that I was learning the ropes about at the time.