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  • timaldiss

    Hey Pete. Nice write up, but just to correct you… the first BrightonSEO you mention here was technically the second one! The first one was also above the Quadrant, but the #brightonseo event idea was conceived between Jaamit Durrani and myself when we worked together at Fresh Egg. That first session was just that – a session! It was an evening do with just a few talks, but mostly a lot of fine Quadrant ale (paid for by Adam Stafford), and some music as purveyed by (then just DJ) Kelvin Newman :) 

    Long may the conference continue and flourish.

  • Peter Handley

    Hi Tim, thanks for the comment.
    I don’t think I differentiated it very well in my writings, but by opening paragraph re drinks was the first one that you are alluding to here I think. (I’ve updated it a little to be clearer).

    I came along and partook in the free beverages upstairs in the Quadrant, although didn’t get as much chance to speak to Jaamit at the start as he opened the DJ’ing. 

    Unless, there was an earlier one than that too?

  • IM-SEO

    Is that Jason Statham in the front row on your second picture or Neil Walker?

  • Peter Handley

    LOL, it is of course Neil Walker :-D

  • shelli walsh

    Hi Pete
    Great roundup and thanks for the mention of my infographic and stack. I hadn’t realised that was you up on stage! I think if you had led the singing it might have given you the edge. Arcade games are soooo April 2012 anyway : )


  • Peter Handley

    Hi Shelli,

    Glad you liked it! People not realising it was me on stage for my failure I guess is probably a good thing!

    I was never that good at arcade games, despite Hayling Island where I grew up being littered with arcades at the time. Ah well, excuses, excuses, maybe I’m just a sore loser! :-)

  • Briony Gunson

    Good effort with Bohemian Rhapsody! Exhausting display – impressive dancing skills and vocal range, all the time with your BrightonSEO lanyard proudly flailing from around your neck! ;)

    Karaoke antics aside, Brighton SEO was great – fantastic quality of speakers but also really enjoyable. It’s true what you said about feeling so comfortable meeting fellow Twitter people when you first meet after having broken the ice online first… one of the great bonus points of the SEO/SEM community!

  • Alessio Madeyski

    Hi Pete,
    hope it’s ok for you…I am ripping this from YT and put it on my ipod. 
    Bohemian Rhapsody is cool already, but done in this way….really, Freddie Mercury sucks! 

    so thanks for this. my life changed.